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The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Apartment Leasing Agents

Marlena DeFalco Thought Leadership

A high-performing leasing team is the very foundation of a successful apartment community. But what exactly are the habits of outstanding leasing associates? In her new Multifamily Insider’s blog, Power Pro’s Karen Gladney details nine of them. Here’s an excerpt describing one of the essential habits: They ask questions Great leasing agents are truly interested in asking purposeful questions to …

The Multifamily Review Podcast Features Power Pro’s Karen Gladney

Marlena DeFalco Thought Leadership

The latest episode of Michael Avent’s The Multifamily Review Podcast features an interview with Power Pro co-founder Karen Gladney! Titled “Think Inside The Box,” the episode explores Karen’s thoughts on the vital importance of leasing basics – proper onsite signage, up-to-date computers and software, “wow” fridges – and also details what inspired her to launch Power Pro. The interview also …

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show Features Karen Gladney

Marlena DeFalco Thought Leadership

Let’s talk about experience, the prospect experience. Karen Gladney spoke with Michael Bull of America’s Commercial Real Estate to discuss the findings of her 100 properties tour as she sought to better understand the actual prospect experience happening in our leasing offices. Take a listen to the latest Multifamily Market and Leasing Strategies Update Karen starts at the 16-minute mark …

100 Properties: A View into the Leasing Experience

Karen Gladney Thought Leadership

I recently set out to visit 100 properties in 100 days. I wanted to get a truly informed understanding of the in-person experience that today’s prospects have. I wanted to see where the opportunities for improvement are and where leasing teams are knocking it out of the park. I genuinely went into it as a blank slate not quite sure …

All Together Now – The Need for Smooth Technology Integrations

Ian Andrews Thought Leadership

The apartment industry has long had a reputation for being slow to embrace emerging technologies. In recent years, however, owners and managers have made impressive strides in using new solutions to improve their operations and create better experiences for prospects and residents. They’ve implemented revenue-management software and turned to lead-management systems to improve prospect outreach. Communities now have mobile apps …

Modern Apartment Prospects: How Do They Differ from Before?

Ian Andrews Thought Leadership

I was recently asked how apartment prospects have changed over the years. I don’t know that there’s a quick and easy answer because modern apartment shoppers are so profoundly different from their predecessors. To start with, by the time a prospect visits a community today, he or she is usually armed with a lot of information. ILSs and property websites …

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Self-Guided Tours Come of Age

Lindsey Bernhardt Thought Leadership

If apartment communities want to build strong bonds with today’s prospects and create the kinds of leasing experiences these prospects are looking for, they will offer self-guided tours. So says Power Pro’s Karen Gladney in Multi-Housing News’s article on the self-guided tour phenomenon. The article appears in MHN’s new ebook on property management.

Retaining Leasing Associates in a Booming Job Market

Ian Andrews Thought Leadership

When you get down to it, an apartment management company faces few tasks more important than assembling and retaining strong leasing teams. A property may have an unbeatable array of amenities and a much-desired location, but if it has trouble retaining high-performing leasing associates, it could struggle to attract prospects and keep current residents in the fold. The challenge to …

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Importance of Customizing the Onsite Prospect Tour and Leasing Experience

Ian Andrews Thought Leadership

Every prospect who visits an apartment community is unique. Each of them has their own wants and needs, and they’re all looking for different things for their next home. Unfortunately, the leasing and touring experience frequently doesn’t reflect this reality.