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What Today’s Prospects Want from Their Leasing Experience

Karen Gladney Thought Leadership

To be successful, apartment communities obviously have to provide prospects with great leasing experiences. Here’s the thing, though: A lot of times, consumers don’t know what they want. Did consumers know they wanted the Google search engine – literally just this blank page with one dialogue box – before it came along? No. Did we know we wanted a one-click …

Leasing associate with prospective residents

Simplifying the Leasing Process

Ian Andrews Thought Leadership

Nurturing leads and getting them to sign a lease is no easy feat, and operators owe it to their hardworking associates – as well as to their prospects – to make the leasing process as simple and as efficient as possible. To my eye, there are several ways to significantly improve the leasing process, and I’ve summarized a few of …

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7 Crucial Questions to Address Prior to Implementing Self-guided Tours

Karen Gladney Thought Leadership

The shiny new object of our industry in 2019 is “self-guided tours,” allowing prospects to visit communities and tour without a team member. While allowing someone to tour themselves isn’t new, and was how less professional buildings conducted operations even as recent as a decade ago, this time it’s here to stay. With the evolution of technology, the self-guided tour …

Choose Kindness

The Kindness ROI

Karen Gladney Thought Leadership

There’s no line item in the budget for practicing kindness throughout your company. But doing so creates a powerful ripple effect that ultimately has a significant benefit to the bottom line. For starters, kindness paves the way for happier, less stressed and more productive team members. According to information from Dartmouth College, those who regularly practice kindness experience a wide …

Leasing associate using iPad

Creating a Great Leasing Experience for Prospects

Ian Andrews Uncategorized

It’s a scene that regularly plays out at apartment communities across the country. A prospect who’s excited about seeing a property walks into a leasing office and … it goes all downhill from there. The leasing agents fail to stand up and greet the customer. The prospect is forced to sit at an agent’s desk while the agent robotically gathers …

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Retaining Leasing Associates in a Booming Job Market

Ian Andrews Uncategorized

When you get down to it, an apartment management company faces few tasks more important than assembling and retaining strong leasing teams. A property may have an unbeatable array of amenities and a much-desired location, but if it has trouble retaining high-performing leasing associates, it could struggle to attract prospects and keep current residents in the fold. The challenge to …