Close more leases through an unparalleled customer centric leasing approach.  Purposefully ordered questions designed to build trust with the prospect more quickly while also gathering quality information to match them with their best fit apartment. Purposefully ordered questions focus on the customer’s needs and wants first.  This customer centric qualifying helps to build trust more quickly and yield better information to find the best apartment for the prospect. Strategically ordered questions which are proven to lead to increased leasing, and indicators to force leasing agents to ask these questions. Ensure follow through with prospect follow up.  Power Pro’s built-in follow up program requires follow up touches to be scheduled, provides reminders of several follow up mediums, and with the daily follow up task list performing follow up becomes a fun priority. Since PowerPro is integrated with your property management system software, leasing agents no longer have to reenter information they already obtained into a management database at the end of the day/week, a process which can eat up ours of a leasing agents time every day. Draw more attention and increase emotional appeal through a photo rich app.  Power Pro is customized per your community using your photographs for the home page, gallery, branding bar, and email follow up templates.
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